There were gleaming cars a-plenty on display recently at The Fountains Care Centre in Salford, where, with the help of the Firestorm Cheerleading Troupe, staff managed to raise a total of £ washfundraiser at The Fountains Care CentreThe raised funds will be distributed equally between the resident’s fund at The Fountains Care Centre and the Firestorm Cheerleading Group, who did such a fantastic job of helping out on the wash 3Director of Liberty Healthcare, James Grant-Parkes, which manages The Fountains Care Centre said, ‘this is a fantastic event, which every year, raises a wonderful sum for the resident’s fund. I would especially like to thank Shelly Hollorn, our customer services adviser, who did so much to orchestrate this cracking fundraiser’.car wash 1There is no doubt, given the success of this car wash, that it will indeed become an annual event, so you may have to sign up for next year sooner rather than later!