Whether it is trying to send an email to the grandchildren in Australia, or wanting to try online shopping for the first time, the 'internet' can still be a minefield to those of a certain age. Now however, with the launch of its' new 'Tech and Tea' event, The Fountains Care Centre are helping to do something about it.For two and a half hours per week, those aged 65+ can now come along to The Fountains Care Centre and receive computer training. There is the option to bring your own laptop or tablet device, perhaps learning to become more familiar with it, or indeed borrowing one of the ones available for use by residents at the care centre.Not only will you have the opportunity to develop your computer skills, but there will be free tea and biscuits to boot, now what could be better than that?James Grant-Parkes, one of the directors of Liberty Healthcare which manages The Fountains Care Centre said, 'in this day and age, with technology moving along so swiftly, it can be difficult to keep up, this is a great opportunity for those who feel that perhaps the 'internet' has passed them by, to develop their skills and open doors that they never realised existed!For further information about the times that the Tech and Tea event is taking place, please contact The Fountains Care Centre on 0161 584 7914.